Corporate Services

Corporate Services Division (CSD)

The primary role of the Corporate Services Division is to provide efficient administration and financial support services by ensuring that both the Department of Fisheries & Forests services are effectively operational and maintained at all times and responsive to the needs and aspirations of their stakeholders, the general public and current government policies. In doing so, the division is also charged with the critical task of prudently managing public resources at the Ministry’s disposal and ensures statutory compliance with the Public Service Act and the Financial Management Act relating to use and deployment of human, financial and capital resources; the provision and maintenance of secure and reliable information management systems and the safe keeping of official documents. The Administration section functions include human resource & asset management, registry services and post processing. The Accounts Section ensures the provision of up to date, efficient, effective and timely financial management in accordance with the requirements of the Finance Act, Financial Instructions, Procurement Regulations and other existing rules and regulations. It also provides assistance, guidance and timely financial reports to the Department's senior management, unit supervisors and attend to all accounting matters to ensure the Ministry achieves its mission and objectives.

Economic Planning, IT & Statistics Division

The primary role of the EP, IT&S division is to provide policy advise and secretariat support to both senior and executive management of the Ministry. The Division comprises of 2 sections namely:

  1. The Policy and Planning section
  2. The Monitoring and Evaluation section.

The strategic activities of the Policy & Planning section focus on the;

  1. Formulation, analysis and review both current and proposed policies for the development and management of the fisheries and forests sectors through policy and data/statistical analysis and economic modelling
  2. The collation, compilation and analysis of key fisheries and forests economic indicators/statistics,
  3. Facilitating and strengthening strategic alliances with industry stakeholders, external organizations, including statutory Authorities, Donor Agencies at Bilateral, Plurilateral and Multilateral levels, NGO’s through fisheries and forestry industry stakeholder consultations such as National Council meeting, Commodity taskforces, Inter-Agency Committee’s
  4. The development, facilitation and provision of effective trade and investment policy guidelines covering all forests and forestry products; as well as international trade laws with the aim to promote best trade practices and in compliance with international trade standards, and
  5. Exploring trade & market opportunities through marketing research and intelligence to facilitate private sector marketing prospects of fisheries and forestry products, both locally and abroad & trade facilitation through drafting of trade agreements, facilitating local and international investor enquiries & attendance of trade negotiation workshops, local and regional trade capacity building and meetings.

The strategic activities of the Monitoring and Evaluation section focus on the

  1. Monitoring and evaluation of implementation of Fisheries & Forests policy initiatives, Annual Corporate Plan, capital projects, donor assistance, statutory authorities, national & regional development programs and compliance to international trade agreements and conventions and alignment to government’s targeted outcomes in the PCCPP, Roadmap, ACP, Sector & , Commodity Management Plants.
  2. Conducting investigations and surveys of social and economic trends in areas of fisheries and forests product segments and infrastructure, investments and associated/related business establishments and industries to assess policy impact in the fisheries and forests sector.
  3. Facilitation & Coordination of Capital Projects which includes the identification and preparation of the Ministry’s Public Sector Investment Programme proposals & the preparation of the ministry’s annual operational and capital budget submission in consultation with the relevant PFO’s and Divisional Heads,
  4. Facilitate Project Committee Meetings, MFF Quarterly Reviews & ACP Review & Workshops

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