The statutory Roles and functions of the Department Fisheries are clearly articulated in the following;

  • Fisheries Act Cap 158
  • Marine Spaces Act Cap 158A
  • Fisheries Offshore Decree

With this the department of Fisheries is responsible for the formulation and implementation of policies that promote best practice (equating conservation and utilization), that will ensure a prosperous and enhanced Fisheries sector. The department drives this through coordination, consultation and in partnership with resource owners, communities, private sector, government agencies, Non-Governmental Organisations, Regional and International Agencies.

In doing so, the department will ensure that the environment is conducive to private sector investment and growth, community participation, creating jobs opportunities which therefore increase Fisheries sector contribution to the national GDP.

The department, mindful of the emerging issues such as carbon trading, forest and tuna certification and potential growth within the sector, is committed to ensuring that the organisation structure is appropriate and there is on-going capacity building to accommodate the changes and efficiently support the expected growth in this resource based sector.

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