The Ministry of Fisheries and Forests (MFF) consists of two Departments: The Department of Forests and the Department of Fisheries. MFF comes under the Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Forests, Maritime Development, and National Disaster Management.

The role of the Department of Forests is central to the Mission Statement of the organization. It connects the Department to its diverse stakeholders and customers. The dynamics and imerging issues within the forests sector continues to challenge the relvance of its policies in the face of continuous change.

Our Role

  1. Implementation of Forest Policy 2007
  2. Administer and enforce Forest Legislation
  3. Ensure conservation, sustainable utilization and management of forest resources
  4. Approve and issue forest related licenses
  5. provide training, extension services and research

Coordination with key stakeholders including forest resource owners

The Department of Forest has eight (8) functional divisions namely:

  1. Silviculture Research Division,
  2. Management Services,
  3. Timber Utilization and Research,
  4. Forest Parks,
  5. Extension & Advisory Services,
  6. Timber Industry Training,
  7. Forestry Training,
  8. Mechanical Division and Forest Harvesting & MCS.

Details of services provided.



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